Halloween Costume Sewing with Sew Whit Designs

October 06, 2020 1 Comment

Halloween Costume Sewing with Sew Whit Designs

Hi I’m Whitney from @sewwhitdesigns. Its October now and Halloween is right around the corner! Halloween has always been my favorite Holiday. When I was a little girl my grandmother spent hours making costumes for her grandkids. She could make any costume we could dream up. My grandma made Halloween magical! As I got older, and learned to sew, I started making my own costumes. As a mom, it’s become tradition to create themed costumes for my own “little” family. It has been so fun to get my kids involved, I love making their vision a reality. This year we choose Villians as our theme. We thought it was appropriate for the unsavory year 2020 has been.

Group 1

Today I am sharing some tips on creating the perfect costume!

Solids (and stripes too):

I can attest to how hard it is to find that perfect solid color fabric. I have been known to dye fabric, and draw on stripes with marker, to get the look I want. Usually, it does not come out as I envision. This year, thank heavens, I did not have to! Raspberry Creek Fabrics had the perfect colors, and stripes, I needed to make my vision happen. I like to use a lot of solids and then add trims and extra details in over the top. (I’ll Link all my fabrics below)


Swim Lining:

I use swim lining a lot in my costumes. Swim lining gives you the appearance of skin showing, without sacrificing modesty and warmth. Here are a couple ways I’ve used swim lining in the past.


This year I used it under Smees Costume to give some added warmth and to create the look of wearing sandals. Speaking of warmth... which brings me to Layers.



Utah's weather can be a little bit erratic on Halloween. Sometimes we are trick or treating in flip flops at 70 degrees and sometimes we go in snow. You never know what your going to get so layering up allows us some options. Layering up allows you to still show off your costume without having to put a coat on top of it.


Layers 2

 Use what you have/Upcycle:

Making your own costumes is not something you do to save money anymore. Store bough costumes are less expensive (and usually cheaper quality.) Using what you have can help cut down on cost and time spent sewing. This year we recycled some costumes from previous themes. Jafar and Ursula were costumes I had done past years but they fit perfect into our Villains theme so we just updated those a bit. For captain hook, I upcycled big brothers white rabbit coat. I also covered Jessies red cowboy hat in Burgundy Jersey and added some embellishments to create the perfect pirate hat. I utilize the glue gun a lot as well.

upcycle 1

Upcycled 2

Upcycle 3

Good Patterns:

I have experience in Pattern Design so usually I just come up with my own patterns, or heavily modify ones I have in my stash to get the exact look I want. To make it a little easier on myself this year I decided to try out Sew a Little Seam’s Dress Up pattern collection, and they did not disappoint! With very little, to no, altering I was able to achieve the perfect look for my littles. These are must have patterns for your collection if you are going to make costumes. The options are endless!! And the instructions are great!! (I’ll List specific pieces I used below.) I also used the Movie Night PJs for some pieces as well. This is a great basic pattern for the under layers of the costumes. (and bonus it is free with a code in her Facebook Group)

Kids 1


Details can make it or break it. A few accessories can go a long way. Sometimes its hard to find exactly what you are looking for so consider upcycling what you have around the house. Local dollar, or party stores, are good place to look. Spray painting is a great option. I also use a lot of Sculpey clay to create jewelry pieces. Utilize your glue gun, foam and jems.


I hope these tips help you create a fun and magical Halloween this year!!

 group 2

Supply Links:

Smee: Smee 2

For our little Smee I used the Light Blue and White Striped Jersey for his shirt. Royal Blue Jersey for the Shorts, Red Jersey for the Hat, Swim Lining for under shirt, pants/feet 

(Patterns Links are affiliates. It costs you nothing extra but gives me a little to help fund more costumes.)


Smees Shirt, shorts and Tan pants are the Movie Night PJs (both striped and lined. I sized up on the striped shirt and shorts to allow for better layering)

Feet I used the Imagine Boot Toppers and hacked them to look like feet with sandals.

Hat is self drafted

Captain Hook: Hook

Shirt and Jabot is White Jersey, Pants and Hat Burgundy Jersey  Sash is the Mustard Jersey 

Patterns: Pants, and Jabot are the Master of Disguise and Shoes are the boot topper modified.


Jafar: Jafar

Sleeves are the Red Jersey


Queen of Hearts: Queen

Sensory issues for this girl cause me to line everything in RCF Jersey. We used the black Jersey to line the bodice so it was nice and soft. I also used the White Jersey on the sleeves.

Patterns: Once Upon a Pattern

 Hades: Hades

Shirt is the Gray Jersey


Gaston: Gaston

Tunic is the Red Jersey with the Mustard Jersey for the Collar

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November 11, 2020

This is epic!! Excellent tips too! Smee’s feet are hilarious!

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