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Raspberry Creek Fabrics Owner

Our Story

Meet Justin and Diana. A husband and wife duo. Justin is an attorney by trade, but when Diana's fabric dreams got a little out of control, he stepped in to help her and the rest is history.

In 2010, Diana founded Raspberry Creek Fabrics. She was in the thick of mothering two little kiddos and found herself needing and wanting new clothes that fit her ever changing Mom body. After not finding anything in stores, she took to her sewing machine only to be disappointed by the lack in quality and selection of apparel fabrics on the market. She took problems into her own hands and Raspberry Creek Fabrics was born.

Almost 10 years later, Raspberry Creek Fabrics has expanded from carrying just a few bolts of fabric on Etsy, to having hundreds of apparel fabrics in stock and offering eco-friendly in-house textile printing.

Who We Serve

Once Raspberry Creek expanded into the apparel textile market, we realized there is a wide range in needs for quality apparel textiles. We have something for everybody at our shop.

Are you sewing for yourself and your family? You can buy just a few yards to create the perfect holiday pj's or help make your daughters prom dress dreams come true.

Do you own a boutique and wish your items were made with fabric unique for your specific brand? We offer bulk discounts on both our retail and custom printed fabrics.

Do you own a clothing label but overseas production doesn't work for you? We work regularly with cut and sew facilities in the US. Reach out to us, we can help get you connected.

Are you a surface pattern designer? We offer Designer Studios, the best print on demand site for surface pattern designers looking to break into the apperal fabric market. Designers upload their designs to their studio, customers purchase fabric with their designs and designers earn a commission. 

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Raspberry Creek Fabrics Owner

We Are Different and We Love It!

Raspberry Creek Fabrics is based in Sandy, UT. Water usage and conservation is a very big part of our lives in Utah and the western United States. When deciding to bring our fabric printing in-house, an eco-friendly print process was a must.

Did you know when natural fiber textiles are printed overseas, production takes massive amounts of water? Some reports claim it takes nearly 20 gallons of water to produce a yard of printed textile! That is crazy!

The print process as Raspberry Creek Fabrics is eco-friendly. We do not use any water when producing our fabrics. Our inks are Oeko-Tex 100 certified and biodegradable. What does Oeko-Tex certified mean? It means there are no harmful chemicals in the fabric you receive from Raspberry Creek.

Along with being eco-friendly, we produce the majority of our fabric in the USA. If we can't produce the fabric in the USA, we purchase it from US based vendors.

Does your fabric feel stiff?

As part of our eco-friendly print process, we do not pre or post treat our printed textiles. Those 20 gallons of water we talked about previously, we are conserving that water! Most customers are washing their fabrics before sewing them up anyway. Just pop your fabrics in the wash before using and they will soften right up.

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