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Custom Printing Best Practices and Policies

Are you super excited to order a custom fabric or wallpaper that is just as unique as you are, but you are not sure if your design will work well on a specific fabric type? With custom printed textiles, a little bit of information can ensure you receive a fabric with the best possible print result.

When preparing custom design files for print, we sort them into two basic categories. Full coverage and less than full coverage. Full coverage means more than 60% of face of the fabric will be printed and covered with ink. Less than full coverage means 60% or less of the fabric face is printed and covered with ink.

Full Coverage Textile DesignLess Than Full Coverage Textile Design

As a general rule of thumb, natural fiber textiles achieve the best print results using less than full coverage designs, while synthetic fibers work well with both full coverage and less than full coverage designs. It is also worth mentioning that black and dark, saturated colors such as navy blue print much better on synthetic fibers than natural fibers. If you choose to submit a print order using full coverage designs on a natural fiber base fabric your printed fabrics may look dull or faded and will feel a bit stiff upon arrival. A quick trip through the wash should soften the fabrics up.

To achieve the best print results please consult the chart below and plan your custom printing order accordingly.

Base Fabrics Suggested for Full Coverage and Less Than Full Coverage Textile Designs
Custom Printing Textile Fabrics


Custom printing tips

  • File size limit is 20MB
  • 150-300 DPI recommened for best print clarity.
  • Purchase a swatch book of our base fabrics here.
  • Unless you are printing panels, a seamless repeat is the most important part of your design file. If the design is not in a seamless repeat it will not tile across the width and length of fabric properly. You will be able to preview your design in the uploader before submitting your order. If the order is submitted, we assume you saw the preview and are fine receiving a non-repeating image. Refunds are not granted for non-repeating images.
  • Your design image will upload at the same scale the file was originally designed in if the file is at 150 dpi. If you need the image scaled/sized differently, use the preview rulers in the uploader space to determine the height or width you would like the design file to be by entering in larger or smaller dimensions in the image width and image height boxes. You may have better success adjusting the scale by looking a individual motifs in a design file and then scaling up or down to get the intended motif size.
  • Because our print system is automated, we can not adjust the scale of a design after the order is placed. Please refer to our scaling video below for more information.
  • Panels or collage layouts, yes we can print them. The largest panel size we can accept is 1 yard. Depending on the specific base fabric width, the size can vary. Generally, 1 yard is 58 W x 36 H with the exception of a few more narrow fabrics. Please refer to our Fabric Types page for each fabrics specific width. If you upload a panel design file and the width is greater than the printable width of fabric, your file could be scaled down or cropped to fit the correct printable width.
  • When printing a panel type file instead of a seamless repeat, please ensure your design file is uploaded and oriented correctly. The width of the fabric/design file running left to right in the upload preview and the height or length running top to bottom in the upload preview.
  • Please make sure your design is formatted in sRGB color mode. We achieve the most accurate color matching results that way.

 How to Scale Designs for Printing with Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Policies regarding custom printing

  • Returns: Returns are not accepted on custom printed fabric or wallpaper. Designs submitted for custom printing will not be proofed prior to printing. Customers are able to preview their designs before submitting the order. By previewing and then submitting the order customers approve the printed result, therefore no returns are accepted. If this if your first time printing a new design file on a specific fabric type, we strongly encourage customers to print a half yard sample print before purchasing larger quantities.
  • In the off chance that you receive a flawed piece of custom printed fabric, please use the contact us form and we will certainly make every effort to correct mistakes with your order.
  • At Raspberry Creek we pride ourselves on our environmentally friendly textile printing process. Our inks are Oeko-Tex certified and biodegradable. We do not wash or steam our fabrics post-printing, which saves nearly 20 gallons of water per yard of natural fiber printed textile. Because of this eco-friendly process your natural fiber textiles may feel a bit stiff when they first arrive. Just give them a wash before using and they will soften right up.
  • For fabric care information, turnaround times and shipping information please refer to our FAQ's here.