Fabric for the Team: Love Notions Game Day Jersey

September 10, 2019 2 Comments

Fabric for the Team: Love Notions Game Day Jersey - Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Hi, I’m Tessa and I am a member of the Raspberry Creek Fabric promo team as well as a member of the Love Notions Sewing Patterns team. Today I’m going to be showcasing a team made in sewing heaven: Love Notions Sewing Patterns, Raspberry Creek Fabrics, and me and my girls.

I’ll admit that I know virtually *nothing* about sports. However, I do love a lot of the stuff that comes along with many team sports: that feeling of belonging, everyone working together, lots of excitement, and cheering each other on. I couldn’t care less about the final scores, and I really do just hope everyone has fun and works hard.   So, while I don’t know what flags are for in soccer or how 3 point conversions work in football, I love cheering for teams and I especially LOVE being part of a team.

Pattern Cover

In keeping with that team theme, the Game Day jersey from Love Notions just released this week. It comes in sizes 2T-16 and XS-5X and will be on sale for $8 and $7 (and just $13.50 if you buy together with the bundled pricing). This pattern has lots of room for customization and it is also a great pattern to use with coordinating prints. There are loads of other ways to make this up: dress length, long sleeve, ¾ sleeve, v-neck, scoop neck. (and pssst... The men’s version will be released later this month!)

Fabric Pile

Now onto the fabric! I knew that Raspberry Creek would be my go-to fabric stop for my team. I have been so impressed with everything that they carry. So, as I began tossing ideas around for this post, I realized that each member of my family had RCF bases that they most preferred. As for me, I love the drapey modal, my husband likes the comfy french terry, my oldest is happy with the more structured heathered cotton poly jersey, my middle daughter is obsessed with the super soft double brushed poly, and the baby is darling in the CLUB jersey prints (she hasn’t quite developed the ability to share her preferences). 

So, I present to you my “starting line up” sporting our very favorite RCF and showing off our new Game Day jerseys from Love Notions.

Starting Lineup

Game Day Jersey for kids in Light denim blue heathered cotton poly jersey knit 

My oldest daughter is sort of selective about her clothes. She has quite an eye for style and knows exactly what she wants and what looks good on her. She looks so good in light blue (and knows it!) and I knew this classic tee shirt style fabric in the light denim color would suit her perfectly.

Amelia 1

Amelia 2

She is turning 8 in just a few days and so we made up this lovely heathered cotton poly jersey for her with a little vinyl on the back, of course. 

Amelia 3

I really like how classic and clean cut this pairing is. She looks like she could jump right on to the soccer field!Amelia 4

When I was ordering fabric, I realized that I would need to use something for the arm stripes on her shirt so I decided to add in a little bit of the solid white cotton lycra jersey knit. This was a great combo because it gave the neckline and the arm stripes such a crisp, sharp look. 

Game Day Jersey for kids in Rainbow unicorn floral 

Don’t tell my oldest, but I think this might be my favorite Game Day jersey.

Caroline 1

My middle daughter is obsessed with DBP. That soft, buttery smooth fabric has her whole heart. She will always grab a DBP make out of her drawer first and I know I will catch her literally petting her tummy throughout the day. Ha!

Caroline 2

For this make I was able to combine THREE of my daughter’s favorite things: DBP, rainbows, and unicorns. At first I was reluctant to combine the different fabrics Sometimes it gets a little scary to cut in and mash things together. You question whether this fabric is too overwhelming with that one, or whether the colors work together right. Well these mustard, sage, blush, teal vertical stripes are just exactly the perfect balance for the unicorn fabric. I love all the little details on the fabric and it is beautifully soft and luxurious. 

Caroline 3

In addition to the fabric combo, I also played around with some stripe matching on the back. It’s nothing too fancy, but I love the look of the chevron stripes and they are beyond easy to make. 


Just cut two mirrored pieces of the back yoke instead of one on the fold, adding in a 3/8th inch seam allowance along that center line.

I also did a little fussy cutting on the stripes and added them as the arm bands for her jersey. I think the two pink shades look lovely layered together directly over the unicorn print. 


Caroline and Mommy

Game Day Jersey in Light Navy Modal Spandex Jersey

As for me, I have been drawn to modal since I first touched it about a year ago. The feeling of it is so, so silky and smooth. Interestingly, it has a little bit of heft to it which is different from many other fabric types with nice drape. 

Tessa 1

It feels ... substantial. The drape on RCF modal is so lovely and flattering, especially when it lays so nicely over areas I feel more self-conscious about, like my hips or tummy.

Tessa 2

For this shirt, I plan to wear it to the Love Notions Sew-cation sewing retreat next summer, as I am a team member. I bet many of the other team members will create one as well and we can do some fun personalization with it!

In honor of this pattern release, I figured out how to use my hand-me-down cutting machine to put some vinyl on the back, and I think I might even do another piece on the front with the Sew-cation logo. This was my first vinyl attempt and I can tell that practice will make perfect for this. This pattern has so many locations for great vinyl. 

Tessa 3

I used the v-neck option for all of the Game Day jerseys pictured here and it is hands down the easiest v-neck EVER with very professional-looking results. 

Tessa 4

For the stripes on the arms of this make, I used white DBP which I literally salvaged from the selvedge of my daughter’s CLUB DBP fabric. No fabric wasting going on around here! The stripes can be made with woven, store-bought bias tape, or just plain old strips of ½ inch knit. 


I used this Sewline glue pen to get the stripes on uniformly and boy did it beat pinning! 

As for my husband, he is already requesting a Game Day jersey and I think I will convince him to try it out in that heathered cotton poly jersey for a more structured, classic look. And once the baby grows one more size and fits into the 2T, I will make up a little Game Day jersey DRESS in one of the CLUB coordinates! How cute will she be with this Geo Bear panel, pink neckband, and the geo coordinates?!

So, now my team is set for all of the Game Days to come with a handy pattern and lots of RCF fabric favorites! Go ahead and grab your Game Day pattern and YOUR favorite fabrics and start making some sewing scores for your team. I’ll be cheering for you. <3 


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2 Responses

Helen K
Helen K

January 14, 2020

Love your Game Day Jerseys. I have a question… For the white or coloured stripes on the sleeves, do you just cut the 1/2" strips and sew them on raw? I want to turn some over to have a clean finish. Was kind of confused about the directions. Thanks.

Jen Devore
Jen Devore

September 19, 2019

Great post tessa! I love all your makes and your kiddos(and you of course😘) look adorable!! ❤️

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