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Pajama Party Panels

Designed by: Project Run and Play

This image is designed to print 3 DIFFERENT 19"x27" panels on one yard. With 2 sleep masks across each panel. 

**Please make sure change the image HEIGHT. It needs to be SET 36** for it to print as intended.

The images on the panels will be roughly "5 by 7" (or 7" by 5" depending on orientation) at that ratio. **This is not a seamless file. If printing more than one yard, or scaled smaller, there will be a seam at the edges of the file. With 1 yard you will get 3 different Panel Designs and 6 sleep mask prints. 

Suitable for Natural or Synthetic Fiber base fabrics, with less than full, or full print coverage. 

Project Run & Play: Pajama Party Collection

Sold In Half Yard Quantities
ex: quantity 2 equals 1 yard

$ 10.50

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