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Christmas Checkers – Reindeer Games Collection by Patternmint

Designed by: Patternmint

Introducing Patternmint’s versatile and enchanting Christmas Checkers print, part of the Reindeer Games Collection. This stunning fabric effortlessly captures the spirit of Christmas while remaining adaptable for year-round creative projects. Whether you're a fashion enthusiast, a quilting aficionado, or a DIY enthusiast, this print promises to elevate your creations to new heights. This print features a delightful array of colors, including red, burgundy, light pink, light blue, light gray, kelly green, and sage. These enchanting hues evoke the festive essence of the holiday season while remaining tasteful for everyday wear.

This print is part of a wider collection of Christmas and holiday-themed designs, ensuring that you have a myriad of options to mix and match for a cohesive holiday aesthetic. Create a cohesive holiday look across all your projects, from quilts to home decor and apparel. It also coordinates perfectly with many Raspberry Creek Fabrics Dyed Solids, listed below.

As with all Patternmint’s designs, I’d love to see your makes! Tag @patternmint on Facebook or Instagram to be featured! Look for me on Pinterest as well to stay up to date on the latest releases! I’m also very responsive if you have any questions (especially with scale/sizing) or requests!

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Raspberry Creek Fabrics Dyed Solids:

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