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Wild Prairie Rose Flower, Iowa State Flower, North Dakota State Flower, Light Teal Background, Pink Flowers, US State Flowers

Designed by: Erica Catherine Illustration

Apart of Erica Catherine's US State Flower Collection, the Wild Prairie Rose Flower represents both the State of Iowa and the State of North Dakota. The beautiful Wild Prairie Rose flower is shown on top of a green color background.

The Wild Rose was adopted as the state flower of North Dakota in 1907. The first graduating class of the University of North Dakota chose the colors of the Wil Prairie Rose to act as the official colors of the university in 1889.

The Wild Rose was adopted as the state flower of Iowa in 1897. While no specific rose was named in the state legislation, the Wild Prairie Rose is often cited as the official flower. Despite the state's landscape this resilient flower bloomed year after year and represented resilience to the state. They felt it represented the state so well that they had the flower etched onto a silver tea set that was presented to the crew of the U.S.S Iowa in 1896.

While the Wild Prairie rose is native to much of central North America, it's much more significantly seen in the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains. The flowers are prolific in and can grow at the edge of prairies, woodlands, and even among fencerows. They can even to reach up to 13 feet long, this is one of the reasons it was classified as a weed by the USDA. The Wild Prairie Rose bloom from June through late summer producing a lovely rich aroma, and often picked to help decorate and bring a hint of spring to people's homes. Besides the plants beauty and scent the petals and rose hips are edible and have been known for medical purposes since ancient times. After the fall gives away to winter the fruit from the rose (rose hips) can be eaten by wild birds and other animals.

Inspired by the natural and antique details that call to Erica's Old soul, she aims to bring that special spirit to all of her designs. Each drawing is created by hand using a mixture of graphite drawing with watercolor layering over the top to create the ethereal and vintage inspired work that harks back to turn of the century botanical illustration.

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