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Oregon Grape Flower, Oregon State Flower, Purple Background, Yellow Flower, US State Flowers

Designed by: Erica Catherine Illustration

Apart of Erica Catherine's US State Flower Collection, the Oregon Grape represents the State of Oregon. The Oregon Grape flower is shown on top of a purple color background.

The Oregon Grape was adopted as the State Flower of Oregon in 1899. Despite the name, these flower are not the same as the fruit you would find in a grocery store. The plant earned it's name from the small blueish - purple berries that grow in grape like clusters during the fall months. The flower is found mostly in the pacific northwest region of North America and can be spotted most commonly along rivers. Meriwether Lewis, of the Lewis and Clark expedition, made an early documentation of the plant, calling it "Mountain Holly." Much like a holly plant the Oregon Grape forms a shrub like shape and normally reaches a height of about 3-4 feet tall and boast spiny, waxy leaves that make it appear very similar to Holly plants.

Inspired by the natural and antique details that call to Erica's Old soul, she aims to bring that special spirit to all of her designs. Each drawing is created by hand using a mixture of graphite drawing with watercolor layering over the top to create the ethereal and vintage inspired work that harks back to turn of the century botanical illustration.

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