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Meadow Violet Flower, Illinois State Flower, New Jersey State Flower, Rhode Island State Flower, Yellow Background, Purple Flowers, US State Flowers

Designed by: Erica Catherine Illustration

Apart of Erica Catherine's US State Flower Collection, the Meadow Violet Flower represents three states! This fun floral is the state symbol of Illinois, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. The dainty purple Meadow Violets are shown on top of a yellow color background.

The Meadow Violet was adopted as the state flower of Illinois in 1908. The violet was selected after a vote was taken by the Illinois schoolchildren for their favorite flowers. Senator Jackson sponsored a bill to make the violet the official flower and was passed on January 21, 1908.

The Meadow Violet originally designated by legislation as the state flower of New Jersey in 1913 but left not resolved fully leaving it uncertain for the next fifty years. In 1963 legislation was attempted again to make it official but failed. In 1971 with the urging of New Jersey garden clubs, the legislation was officially passed and the Common Meadow Violet was name the state flower finally! 

The Meadow Violet was selected as the state flower of Rhode Island in 1897 however it was not officially named the state flower until 1968. This makes Rhode Island one of the last state to officially name its state flower.

The Meadow Violet is the most common out of more than 400 types of violets and can be found in a range of colors. These blooms spread far and wide and can be found in damp woods, roadsides, and sometimes even appear in lawns as wildflowers. The meadow violet is very easily grown and can thrive in anything from full sun to deep shade. The meadow violet produces two sets of flowers in a year. The first is the larger showy bloom, the second blossom are more closed and produce most of the seeds from the plant. The flowers are not only beautiful but often used as edible flowers. Often used for cookies, and baked goods the fun florals offer a good source of Vitaman A and C. The Meadow Violet is known to represent innocence, spirituality, and modesty.

Inspired by the natural and antique details that call to Erica's Old soul, she aims to bring that special spirit to all of her designs. Each drawing is created by hand using a mixture of graphite drawing with watercolor layering over the top to create the ethereal and vintage inspired work that harks back to turn of the century botanical illustration.

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