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Lady Slipper Orchid Flower, Minnesota State Flower, Blue Background, Pink Flowers, US State Flowers

Designed by: Erica Catherine Illustration

Apart of Erica Catherine's US State Flower Collection, the Lady Slipper Orchid Flower represents the State of Minnesota. The dainty pink flowers are shown on top of a blue color background. 

The Lady Slipper Orchid was adopted as the state flower of Minnesota in 1902. The lady slipper orchid is just one of 43 orchid species that can be found in Minnesota. These orchids can be found each year blooming from June to July in swamps and other damps woods growing upwards of four feet tall. This rare flower grows very slowly, sometimes taking up to 16 years before having the first blooms appear. While the Lady Slipper is a slow growers they make up for that in life span, lasting on average for 50 years and even upwards of 100 years. In the past century, the lady slipper orchid was a favorite for adornment in homes and rural church alters during the late summer. With the rise of harvesting the flower for decorating a law was enacted in 1925 to help keep this flower safe. Making picking, uprooting, or unearthing the flowers illegal across the state

Inspired by the natural and antique details that call to Erica's Old soul, she aims to bring that special spirit to all of her designs. Each drawing is created by hand using a mixture of graphite drawing with watercolor layering over the top to create the ethereal and vintage inspired work that harks back to turn of the century botanical illustration.

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