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This vibrant yellow fabric with light yellow dots is a tone-on-tone blender that would be great for quilting, home décor as well as accessories.

Designed by: Studio Appillu

The color of the background fabric resembles that of freshly cooked corn with dollops of butter, eaten on a sunny day on a farm stand. This is a warm color suitable for sewing summer apparel and accessories and light quilting projects for the summer and early fall.
The light yellow dots on the fabric are small and round and uniform in shape and placement. They run equidistant horizontally and vertically giving it a visually smooth uniform texture. The dots are a pale, delicate shade of yellow, similar to the color of a ripe banana. This fabric would be ideal for creating garments such as dresses, blouses, and skirts, as well as for accent pieces like table runners, and throw pillows. they could also serve as a great backing for warm-colored quilts.
This artwork was generated as a vector illustration and many iterations can be delivered if needed.

Sold In Half Yard Quantities
ex: quantity 2 equals 1 yard

$ 11.75

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