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Gold tones checks Seasonal Colors Collection 3 inch squares

Designed by: Denise Beverly

Gold tone checks in gradient tones from the Seasonal Colors Collection.  Each check is approx. 3 inches.

To resize these stripes, checks use the

 Adjust Scale boxes for Image Width and Image Height.

If you want 3 inch stripes or checks – leave settings as is

2 inch  replace 15 with 10 in either box - press set

1 inch  replace 15 with 5 in either box- press set

½ inch replace 15 with 2.5 in either box- press set

¼ inch  replace 15 with 1.25 in either box- press set

To change back press reset.

You may see lines on the design, but they will not show up

on the printed fabric.  They show you the repeat of the pattern to help you re-size. 

If you have any questions about a design, feel free to email me

Sold In Half Yard Quantities
ex: quantity 2 equals 1 yard

$ 10.50

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