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Dark Coral colored background with light coral uniformed dots. The dots are uniform and spaced evenly in both directions. Great for Summer and beach, nautical-themed projects.

Designed by: Studio Appillu

This fabric with a deep sea coral background and light haze coral dots looks lightweight and can be used for various sewing projects. The deep-sea coral color is a rich and vibrant shade of orange with hints of red, reminiscent of the color of a deep-sea coral reef. The fabric has a smooth and even texture and looks subtle and understated look. The dots are a pale, delicate shade of coral, similar to the color of a light mist or haze. The dots are evenly spaced and of consistent size, giving the fabric a playful and whimsical look.
This type of fabric would be ideal for creating quilting, summer clothing such as dresses, skirts, and blouses, as well as accent pieces such as tablecloths and napkins. In quilts, it can be a great choice for blender fabrics.
The combination of the deep sea coral and light haze coral colors creates a visually appealing contrast that is sure to catch the eye and add a pop of color to any project. The fabric's lightweight texture makes it an excellent choice for summer sewing projects.

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